Contact to your "Estonian" translators?

I am member of the maintenance team of “Back In Time”.
I just saw that your project has “Estonian” translation. Do you mind to establish contact between your translators and me?

Christian Buhtz

We usually don’t have direct contact with translators. But you can check the history of the Estonian translation to see who contributed to it: K-9 Mail/Thunderbird - Estonian @ Hosted Weblate

Thank you for this tip. But I only see the nicknames and not much more contact information. Even a google search doesn’t help.

Unfortunately this is what Weblate provides. Is there any specific issue you have with the translation or any other way we can help?

Thanks for asking.
I just need an Estonian translator for Back In Time. Otherwise I need to remove that language because it is incomplete and inactive for years.

Back In Time/Back In Time — Estonian @ Weblate (


Ah I understand, thanks for clarifying. I don’t think we can help at the moment, but I’m wishing you all the best in finding localizers!