Contact groups supported?

New K-9 Mail user. On version 6.602, device is Nokia 5.4 running Android 12.

I have allowed K-9 access to my contacts, but it doesn’t appear that contact groups are supported. The groups I have don’t appear in the contacts list and it doesn’t look like there’s an option to create a group. Are contact groups a supported feature? If so, where am I going wrong?

Jon Koelker

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this would probably apply to GrapheneOSses “contact scopes” too. But there the system would give K9 only permission over one “group”, which may be something different.

Are contact groups something universally supported? What is a group? Can you add some more explanations?

Hello, and thanks to the devs for K9.
This is the only option which prevents me from using this app.
In Android’s contact, you can make groups and it’s really useful to send mails to regular groups.
I don’t know if it’s Android based or Google’s contact based.

Again, is it Android or Google? What is the app you use called?

If its Google based, not even supported by VCF export etc. its worthless and bad for privacy.

Having a Google phone is horrible for privacy. Using K9mail there, actively developing compatibility with it, makes no sense at all.

Get App manager from F-Droid and inspect the Appname of the Contacts app you use. If its the AOSP Android one, your request is valid. If its Google Contacts or something (The icon will be in “the Google colors”) it is not something everyone can use.