Contact distribution lists

I am considering K9mail as a good email solution because of its performance and its user interface, but I do need to be able to send email to groups of contacts (or distribution list).
All my contacts are in nextclouds synchronized with Davx5, most of them have the category property of the vCard to group them.
I userstand that k9mail use the android contact database but I don’t see any way to insert a group of email adress.
Other email clients can do that : Fairmail has a special command to insert a group; and the native mail app from my Samsung just require to type the name of the group in a adress field.
The lack of this feature prevents me to use K9mail.

I will be pleased to receive advices from other k9mail users on how to send email to groups

You cannot even paste multiple email addresses into the To or Cc Fields with K9