Configure an email account only to receive

Am using K-9 with multiple email accounts. Among them there is one, which I don’t want to use to send messages. In order to prevent according mistakes, my idea was to configure no (or an invalid) outgoing mail server. But it seems that K-9 is smart enough to not accept such habits.
Do you have any other ideas?
K-9: V 6.714


Hrm. Not sure this is the best idea, but it might work. With risks.

In the account settings in K9, for Sending, use a different account username/password to send. Let that validate during the account setup.

Then change that password, but update any other account settings in K9 (and elsewhere) if they use that password for fetching or sending, but not the new account. If this works, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, although there is the hassle of changing passwords in several places, the new account won’t be able to send email - and it might cause a notification should that happen, as the password is changed.

It might also count as a password fail, and if many of those happen, your provider might lock your account.

Ok, think its best to morph this to a feature request: Add an option to disable mail sending.

Adding receive-only accounts is already tracked with the developers, I submitted this some weeks ago

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