Community Heroes 2021 ❤️

In 2021 this forum has seen quite a bit of activity. Mostly around the time K-9 Mail 5.800 was released. Since then, things have calmed down again. But there’s still a steady stream of people seeking help with setting up accounts in K-9 Mail or finding the right setting to configure the app to their liking.

A few community members have invested a lot of time in answering those support questions. They are the heroes of this community!
Thank you @njeyaakili, @Nimueh, @tchara, @Gunter_Konigsmann, and @stphn :heart:

And so that everybody can see the value they add to the community, they have been awarded the Community Hero 2021 badge.

Please join me in thanking them by leaving a comment, especially if they helped you out in 2021.