Color issue of compose icon (6.801, android 12)

whatever the theme, light or dark, the color of the compose icon is not good…

hard to see the icon, not good for eyes
too dark for dark theme, and too light for ligh theme…

why not use the same color/design as other icons?

Maybe your K-9 Mail installation is corrupt. Try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling.

If that doesn’t work, please let us know what device and Android version you are using? Also, what K-9 Mail version are you using?

k9mail 6.801 (github)
android 12 (mobile)

Mhhh… for me it is a pencil in a floating circle in the lower right corner - why is it on the top bar?

The floating compose button can be disabled under Settings → General settings → Display → Show floating compose button. When disabled, the compose button will show up in the toolbar at the top.

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do not like the “compose” floating mode.

but here, the problem is the color