Clear local messages for entire account

I am aware that there exist similar topics already. Unfortunately this issue has still not been solved, so far as I know.

I have plenty of folders but many of them aren’t synced to the phone because the e-mails in it just aren’t needed on the phone and would only use up storage space.

I often move e-mails in K-9 from the inbox to other folders. Since those folders aren’t synced, they pile up and use storage space.

Furthermore I regularly need to download specific folders manually to the phone for the duration of a project. After the project I would like to empty those folders again.

It is far too impractical to go into “Manage folders” and open dozens or hundreds of folders manually in order to clear the local messages in it.
(Even worse since on leaving a folder one always ends up at the top of the folder list and has to scroll down again and locate the next folder to proceed with — absolutely impractical.)

Could someone please bring back the possibility to delete all local messages for an entire account?

I was disappointed when this feature long ago disappeared, but I was always hoping that it would be reintroduced in a later version of the app. Unfortunately that never happened.

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