Changes don't sync to server

I just added my Mailfence account to K-9, getting mails work but changes i make doesn’t register (deleting mails, sending mails, …)
I double checked my configuration, and have no errors when adding the account or when trying to sync changes.
The problem did not appear before, when i was using Gandi Mail.

Does someone have the same problem and/or knows how to solve it?

Thank you


More details are required, e.g

  • which exact version of K9
  • are the sent mails stuck in Outbox folder or are they obviously sent?
  • in latter case can you see sent mails in you Sent folder?
  • can you provide debug logs?

Also, this sounds to be similar to Emails stuck in outbox (at least was the same mail provider).


Sorry for the delay.
I’m using version 6.603.
It turned out the changes actually do sync, but only after a few minutes. If i force an update (by refreshing) before that, the changes are overwritten with what’s already on the server.

I will try to get debug logs and post them here.