Change request: please add an manual refresh button to action bar or more menu

I know that you can request manual mail refresh by swiping down in list, but it is not so obvious for accessibility users, like talkback users. so please add classic refresh button to action bar of message list window or it’s more menu, where you now have sort and select all items.

I’ve created an issue for this in our issue tracker:

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K-9 on my Galaxy Tab S2 has chronic issues with IMAP updates (with 5.800 and before) even though K-9 battery optimization has been disabled. Refreshing all or just one email account is important.

It would also be useful to have status messages showing the refresh progress. The Tab S2 periodically loses WiFi connectivity even though WiFi is up. Sometimes an individual mail account would hang. The previous K-9 would show something like ‘Syncing disabled’ which would help me identify the problem. What I am seeing periodically seeing now is the refreshing symbol not going away.

Thanks, Norbert