Certificate error note

Not sure what happened that I’m no longer receiving emails.
I have been reading the various topics and not sure where to start.
Do I reach out to the domain / email host or is this a apk thing?
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Info below -

I’m started to receive a certificate error notice on my phone a few days ago.
It is a warning certificate error, app detected potential security threat and did not connect to smtp.

I look at my server certificate info (from K-9) and I see “Not valid before April 9, 2024” and “Not valid after April 10, 2025”

Subject CN=*(server name)
Issuer (several different names/sites listed)

Android 14, One UI 6.0, K-9 6.801

K-9 Mail currently doesn’t distinguish between different types of certificate validation errors. If you post the hostname of the SMTP server we can have a look. Otherwise it’s probably best to contact the email provider to ask for their server certificate’s fingerprint(s). By comparing the fingerprint displayed in K-9 Mail to the fingerprint provided by the email provider, you can rule out a MITM attack.

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It is *.hostmonster