"Certificate error for mail. Check server settings" Any idea what this is?

“Certificate error for mail. Check server settings” . I get this error time to time. This is recent occurrence.

The email was setup using a standard email and password. Nothing was set manually.
When I get the error notification I click on it. It takes me to server settings. I click next. Then it goes away. After a while the error appears again.
My settings are as listed thus far:
Go to Folder poll frequency enable polling every minute for email syncing.
Go under each individual email profile go to account settings, go to Sending email tab.
Composition defaults – Uncheck or change signature
Go under individual email account settings, then to reading email. Check, allow images
Go under individual email account settings, then to notifications tab.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there a way to address this?

This is generally caused by the server changing/updating its certificate in an inconsistent fashion. It sounds like you are encountering this on mail retrieval (rather than sending). If so, go to the settings for the account(s), select “Fetching mail”, then “Incoming server” (at the bottom of that page), and then “NEXT”. See if a certificate error/prompt comes up and respond as needed. You’ll want to look at the information provided (and possibly take a screenshot) to make certain that it’s for the right server, etc.

If/when it happens again, compare the detail with the information from the earlier screenshot to try to get a sense of what is going on. It’s possible that your provider has multiple servers that they cycle through and that certificates don’t get properly updated on one or more of these from time to time. Looking at a couple of these over time will help to pin down the issue. This is a provider, not K9, issue.

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