CC doesnt visible on K-9 mail

I use the email provider from Hostinger. When sending an email by adding CC to the recipient, in the sent box the CC that I added is not visible. However, if I open it with a browser (Chrome, for example) the CC is still there. So here I ask if you can add CC appearance support to make it easier for users like me or someone in the future.

Thank You.

Which version of K9 do you use? I am using 6.708 (it is a Beta version) and I can see all, TO, CC, and also BCC if used. Maybe it will be available once 6.8xx is out.

Even i use this new version of this app (attachment)

This problem like the app doesnt read or doesnt displays emails properly for provider support or synchronization in this case Hostinger.

Hi @Ihfandi :wave:

From your description it’s not clear to me what you’re trying to do and what’s going wrong. Can you provide step by step instructions on what you do? Then describe what you expect to happen and what you see instead. Please also provide step by step instructions on that last point. How do you check to see if there’s a CC recipient listed?

Sorry, this issue is closed.
Because isnt a app issue, but my hosting have a diff name for cc & bcc.