Can't undelete from imap trash account

Vsn 6.602
Charter.Net imap in, SMTP out
If I accidently delete mail from inbox, it correctly goes to trash. If I then switch to trash, select item and try to refile in inbox. It simply disappears.

I can go to trash and forward to inbox and that works.


If mail isbin Trash folder then you can move it to Inbox folder by “Move” command: select mail, 3dot menu, Move - now you can select the target folder. I tested it with 6.708 - worked fine.

What do you mean with “refile”?

You are correct. However, if I select a mesage, and click the 3 dots I see Move Copy etc. But if it I OPEN in the trash and I click the 3 dots, I see Refile , Unsubscribe, show Headers and compose. Clicking on Refile show another menu with Move and Copy.
Clicking on Move shows a Move to list. Clicking on inbox and the message is gone!

Ok, I tested, even that works for me. Which version of K9 do you use?

As I said above, 6.602