Cant send emails outside of my own server

Since the new upgrade I can not send any new emails or reply to others outside of my own company email account. Since the upgrade I have sent our and responded to 1000’s of email and none of my clients ever received them. All of my company internal emails were received ending in KMISF.COM I had my IT company work in this and they have no resolve but to use a new email platform which is not K9.

I ma extremely frustrated of why the K9 will not send anymore as I have been using this email platform for over 10 years.

I am currently reviewing emails on K9 and then go to another platform on my phone to respond to the emails

Please help

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Sounds very similar to the issue in this thread: 5.8 showing as sent, but not always arriving at destination

From looking at your domain’s DNS it looks like you may be using hostgator. If that’s the case the forum item that cketti references, above, should explain some of your issues. However, why it is delivering internal email, but not delivering mail externally would be a question – i.e., if they don’t like “EHLO” they should dump the mail regardless of destination.

Even though they didn’t resolve it, did your IT people explain what the issue was?