Can't save attachments: No suitable application for this action found

Just putting this here in case anyone has similar problems - there are a few similar threads that don’t seem to be solved.

I’ve just reinstalled K-9 on my new phone and imported settings - this is my first go on the new uesr interface version where you can’t click on any of the buttons because they’re all the top of the phone.

Anyway I couldn’t save any attachments. I see the message: “No suitable application for this action found”.

This was because I had disabled the Google ‘Files’ app (not ‘Google Files’ but ‘Files’) as I use Ghost Commander and Simple File Manager. It turns out you can only save attachments by clicking the download button if you have the ‘Files’ app enabled as K-9 now opens that to save the file.

The error looks like this:

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Tap the icon on the right side of the attachment box (downward pointing arrow) to save the attachment. Tapping anywhere else in the attachment box will try to open the attachment for viewing (which may or may not work depending on the attachment type and which apps are installed).

Yes, that’s what I’m clicking when I get the error - I highlighted the button I click to get the error to appear:

When you click that you get an error “No suitable application for this action was found” if you only have open source file managers like Ghost Commander or Simple File Explorer installed.

You have to make sure the build in ‘Files’ app is not disabled as K-9 seems to use that to download files from 5.8 onwards. This is on a pixel btw. You can click on the filename (the left hand side of the image) to open it in a viewer you just can’t download the file unless you have the built in Google file manager enabled.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for creating this post to help other users :heart:

It feels like a failure on the device vendor’s side to allow disabling an app that is providing an essential system service. We’re using functionality that is documented to be part of Android (ACTION_CREATE_DOCUMENT). It’s not a service arbitrary third-party apps can provide.