Can't receive mail

I have just tried to build an account, and the following occurred as I stumbled my way. I had to change the password, then the inbound server, then the outbound server - because, in each case I knew they needed to be changed (password because of a typo), but, now that I think I’ve done everything I can to get a connection, I still don’t receive any mail. No error messages, either!

My email. account is on ATT Yahoo Mail, which has different names for both the inbound and outbound servers. I’ve been aware of this for quite a while. I change them automatically whenever I set up a new email account.

I guess my big problem is the fact I haven’t received any error messages at all. Don’t know what I need to do.

you need to use app passworda or oauth2 with yahoo mail accounts. use your search engine of choice for details or look at (search for) items within this forum for (specifically for k9/oauth2/yahoo detaiks).

The interesting thing is, I just attempted to create an account in my Pixel 6a, and, after making the same changes, but with no intermediate problems, that K9 Mail is working fine! I’m at fault for not mentioning the problem exists on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. I’ve double-checked as best as I can, the entries for password, inbound server and outbound server, and they are all correct as of now. Based on the fact they all work on the Pixel, what can be wrong on the tablet? Would it be smart to just uninstall the app and start again?

Problem resolved…
I uninstalled K9 on my tablet and then re-installed it with the correct server names and password ( and for server names.) Works just fine now.

Mike Richardson