Cant log into outlook account that has MFA

Hi, so my school outlook account turned on Multi-factor Authentication, and it doesnt seem like i can disable that. Is it still possible to use the account on K-9?
Or is my only choice to use the outlook app for this account? Thank you for the help.

Non-branded m$ email (hotmail/outlook) is now requiring that the mail client either support OAuth2, or that the user set up an app-specific password - as is also the case with gmail and yahoo. Regular login credentials no longer work. I suspect that with branded mail your institution may have some control over this so you will want to check with them to see if they support the app-specific password option. [at this point, 2fa is generally something presented via a browser interface - e.g., webmail. not saying there aren’t any, but I haven’t seen an imap client that supports it. OAuth2 (with an app-password fallback) is generally seen as a better approach.]

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