Can't import settings to my Samsung A8 Tablet

I successfully set up my IMAP email on my Samsung phone and have been using it for some time. I just purchased a Samsung A8 tablet and was unsuccessful at setting up my K-9 from scratch. I got account/password errors, but am sure I’ve used the correct data. I even tried to export my setting from my phone and was able to import them to my tablet, but when I provided the password, I get the same error: account/password incorrect. Any ideas for fixing the problem. I’ve event uninstalled K-9 and re-installed

What email provider do you use? Are you using OAuth for authentication?

Thanks for the quick response.

I use Bluehost, my settings are SSL/TLS with a normal password. With this account and settings, both my Windows Desktop (Thunderbird 102.11.2) and Samsung S52 phone (K-9 latest version) are able to send/receive successfully.

I managed to successfully set up the account. I deleted the failed settings and re-entered the server setting. I don’t know what I did differently, but it worked. Thanks for your support.

I’m hoping that the Thunderbird style of folder management will be available soon.

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See corrected post below

I really apologize for being so brain-dead about this issue. I thought it was working, but it is not. Alas, …

  1. Bluehost does not require OAuth.
  2. I still get a login/password failure during the setup on the tablet.
  3. On the tablet, the account only shows the outbox. I can compose a message, but it remains in the outbox and is not sent.
  4. I’ve tried a number of time to remove and re-set up the account without success.
  5. I exported the working settings from my phone (Samsung A52, Android 13, K-9 6.602) and the failed settings from my tablet (Samsung A8, Android 13, K-9 6.602).
  6. A diff of the settings is attached. Phone on the left and tablet on the right.

I already have 2 other Bluehost accounts configured and working with K-9 on the tablet.

Thanks for your support. It’s really appreciated. I am committed to K-9 on my Android devices and am hoping the merge with Thunderbird is progressing smoothly.