Can't Empty Trash


I’ve been using K-9 for years and am currently using version 5.600 on a Moto G6 with Android 9.

I use POP3 mail, set so that mail remains on the server (so that I can later download it onto my laptop) unless deleted on my phone, in which case it is moved to Trash and deleted from the server.

My problem is that I’ve never been able to empty the Trash, and I now have 24,000 old emails sitting there.

I’ve tried a long press on the account followed by “Empty Trash” but nothing happens.

I’ve tried opening the Trash folder and highlighting all, or just a few, messages and clicking the dustbin. Nothing happens for about a minute, a message appears telling me that K-9 Mail is not responding. I click “wait” then the highlighted mail is unhighlighted without being deleted.

I have considered uninstalling and re-installing: would that get rid of the old trash or would the fresh install pick up the old mail?

Where is the trash folder located? Would I be able to connect the phone to my PC, navigate to the Trash folder and delete its contents?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Reinstalling will get rid of the messages in the local Trash folder.

No. Messages are stored in a database in app internal storage. Users don’t have access to that.

Essentially, we find ways on how to empty trash on android when we run short of memory and empty trash. Though the practice is not so complicated or something, you need to empty trash folder on android to optimize your phone.

cketti, belated thanks for your advice. I eventually made time to uninstall and re-install and all now works correctly.

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