Can't display current password in fetching mail setting

I’m using Android 10 on my tablet. I want to view the current password but with a pattern screen lock, it insists that I have to enable screen lock to view password. What am I missing?

Are you saying that your device has a screen lock configured, but K-9 Mail is still telling you it will only unmask the password after you’ve set up a screen lock?

What K-9 Mail version are you using? What device model is it? Do you use a custom ROM?

Yes. This is version 6.603. It happens on my wife’s Walmart Onn. tablet (Android 10.) With a pattern lock enabled, it says
the screen lock must be engaged. On my Pixel 7 (Android 14) it asked for my fingerprint and that works. On her Pixel 3 (Android 13),
it asks for the pattern and that works! I also tried a pin and got the same message.

Stock ROMs in all cases.

Let me add that I have a similar tablet and it happens on that one as well. So it’s either an Android 10 problem or something in the ROM of the tablet.