Can't add Attachment xiaomi 9T pro

On my xiaomi 9T pro (non root) it is impossible to add an file / attachment via the paperclip when opening an new email. Even when i open the filemanager and select a file first and then choose to share it via k9-mail te files won’t be added.
Fe: jpeg, docx or pdf

I only can add an image file via my gallery. Only then it will add the file in a mail.
Using k9 5.806 from the playstore.

I compared all settings etc with my other devices, settings are the same, even the permissions (Samsung s7+ and an oneplus6 have no issues what zo ever)

Please help

Try using a different file manager. It sounds like your file manager is referencing files in a way that requires the receiving app to have the permission to access storage. K-9 Mail doesn’t request this permission because it never needs to access files from storage on its own. When a sending app does its job properly (like your image gallery), the receiving app gets the permission to access exactly that file.

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We have already tried several filemanagers without succes. If it was that simple … We didn’t mentioned the issue here.
Permissions for the different filemanagers were also set as you mentioned.

Next to that we looked at the settings and app permissions of our other devices and compared them with xiaomi 9 T pro