Cannot send to Gmail

I have several email accounts in my K-9 app, including one Gmail account.
After updating to v 6.400 from 5.600 (where I stuck for the sake of the UI), I have the following problem when sending to Gmail recipients.
When I send a message from my non-Gmail accounts to a Gmail recipient, the message won’t be delivered although it goes to the Sent Items box. When I send a message from my Gmail account to a Gmail recipient, the message is delivered ok.
If it helps, I have the same configuration in my computer (Thunderbird), where all messages are always sent and delivered ok (both Gmail and non-Gmail).
Any help?

Does this affect other destinations, or only Gmail recipients ?

Are your email accounts on Bluehost? Bluehost is known to silently discard email, giving the impression that it has been successfully sent.

Only to Gmail. And only from K-9 (if I send from my computer using Thunderbird, all is fine).
I use Hostgator web and email hosting, and my own domain name.

That’s your problem - see many of these posts

In short Hostgator does not implement email standards correctly. Some email programs work around Hostgators error. K9 Mail does not.

Whether or not K9 Mail’s approach is correct is discussed at length in the linked posts, so no pointstartig another discussion here :wink:

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Thank you all. I think that the best thing to do is go back to good old v.5.600, for its functionality and its convenient UI.