Cannot edit forwarded mail

It is important etiquette to not forward personal details of others when forwarding mail. However, I find I am unable to edit out such content. Is there a setting I can change to allow me to do so? Thanks.

Hi. You should be able to edit the forwarded text by tapping the pen icon on top of the forwarded text.

Thank you. I don’t know why I did not see that. It works on the mail I have just tested it on.

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Not quite solved yet. When I forward mail it presents itself as an attachment which cannot be edited. Is there a setting I can change to forward inline enabling me to edit it as you suggest?

Edit:. Murphy’s Law. Solved as soon as I posted this. I choose Forward, not Forward Inline, and I can edit out accompanying text, sender’s, etc. :no_mouth:

Well, not so simple after all. This is an example of my difficulty. I have an email containing three photos I wish to forward, but I want to remove one of the photos. I select Forward and am presented with a mail containing all three photos and unwanted source text. I click the pencil to edit. As soon as I do that all photos disappear, replaced by unwanted display text. Can you advise where I am going wrong, please? Surely I can select a photo and remove it, but it will not even let me select a photo for removal even after hitting the Edit pencil.

Bump. Advice would be helpful.

It sounds like those are inline images. When viewing the original message do you see separate attachment boxes or are the images embedded in the text of the message?

K-9 Mail does not support rich text editing. So when modifying the body of a message it’ll convert everything to plain text first. Embedded/inline images are lost in this process.

Thank you. It appears you have identified the cause. Sadly, it means my wife, who uses K-9, cannot always edit received messages before forwarding them, something that etiquette calls for. One does not want to forward and reveal personal information of sources, nor forward material not necessary for the recipient to see. I suggest this is a flaw in the programme which begs correction.