cannot create new emails - Compose button missing

cannot create new emails - Compose button missingYesterday I updated to v5.802 from old UI version.
Now I have the problem that I cannot create new mails - “compose” button is missing.
Another thread here describes that on smaller displays some menu actions might be shifted to overflow/three dots menu on th right side.
But the three dots menu only offers me the options Sort by/Select all/Mark all as read. No more!!
Any Idea?
(I am using a Sony Xperia XZ1 with 5,2" screen)


It’s the pen icon next to the magnifying glass.

Hint: If you long-press icons in the action bar, a popup will show you the name of the action. This works in all apps (that use standard system components).

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Oh. Indeed!
Did try eveything else, but not the pen icon.
Thank you!

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on an oppo a53s with android 10, k9mail_5.802 doesn’t show the ‘pen icon’.
the option ‘rédiger’ (write a new message) appears and after clicking, the app crashes :frowning:
i’ve tried to reinstall but it’s the same.
the version 5.60 doesn’t start at all.
any suggestion ?
many thanks in advance !