Cannot copy or move message that is not synchronized with the server

Email recently stopped syncing. after poking around a bit, I noticed that when attempting to connect to server k9 spat out a “mail_max_userip_connections = 10” error (probably happened when I made some extra imap push foulders) I fixed it by editing dovecot config. New messages sync over from server, can send and draft email from k9 andthose messages are synced, neat. new stuff works.

The problem is that now all of the email I had moved around before noticing and fixing the sync issue are broken, stuck in their respective foulders. I’ve got 21 emails in my inbox I cant archive/move, another 37 in my “convert to calendar event” folder (can right click and convert an email with dates in thunderbird, neat feature, should be emulated in k9), and 93 emails in my archive that belong in the archive, but only exist in k9 mail right now, they need to be synced.

I can forward all of these emails as attachments, but I dont have the free time to forward 100+ emails, one, at, a, time.

I can see that there is a bug listed in github, but its a bug thats been round for at least 5 years and maybe 10 depending on how far back you look so mentioning it here as well.