Can K9 Antispam work with two email clients?

Hello: Can K9 Antispam work with more than one email client on the same PC ? . I am using it with EM Client on the PC and also use Thunderbird on the same pc but can’t seem to get it to work with Thunderbird. It works great with EM Client…



K-9 is not for PC but for Android smartphones or tablets.

Hello Nimueh: Yes !! I am asking about K9 Antispam not K9 Mail…Have K9 Antispam installed and working correctly on PC in EM Client mail but can’t get it installed into thunderbird or Outlook 2007…


This forum is only about K-9 mail client for Android.
This is not related other than by similar name to K9 antispam. They also show it on their web page:

Please do not confuse my K9 application with the comparatively recent K-9 Mail app for the Android operating system. It is unfortunate (or maybe intentional?) that they decided to call their email application by the same name when mine had been available and popular for several years prior to its existence. For the Android app, K-9 Mail, please go here**.

You have to look for an other forum/place to discuss your problem I think

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Hi stphn: Thanks for so much info…I had dl K9 mail onto android and like it. got it from the Google site. Then found K9 Antispam (Not for Android) tried it on my desktop and it worked great… I am a bit confused - are they two different organizations and company offerings…I didn’t think so but after reading your info…I have this impression…??


Yes, they are two distinct entities with absolutely no connection whatsoever.


Thank You very much…

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