Can it filter starred messages?

Why can we no longer filter starred messages on the account overview screen? I don’t want to sort by, I want to filter. That was a feature that I used a lot and now it has gone :pensive:


I decided this feature wasn’t important enough to further delay the release of a new stable version. We intend to bring it back, though.


Ok great. Thanks for the response.

Filtering the messages by unread, starred along with minimal UI was the only reason I was using K-9 Mail. I wish we see the filtering option soon, though, I think I can modify the UI to be minimal.


Please, please bring back show stars only!
Also PLEASE bring back the opening screen with ALL THE ACCOUNTS! This is crucial to me - I have 7 email addresses I monitor for me, work and a non-profit! That opening page is why I’ve used K-9 for years.


Since months have passed, I decided to add my invaluable feedback as well: my sanity depends on those lovely filtering features. Please bring sanity back into my life!!!

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Same as Ellen_L.
I loved k9 for these functions: select starred or unread messages by clicking on the stars or number of the relevant messages. AND the opening screen with a overview of the accounts helped or better allowed managing multiple accounts VERY convenient and handy.
I miss it for a long time now.
So, PLEASE bring it back soon!

Thanks very much to all the developers for the consistent work for these app!