Bye-bye K-9 Mail, hello Fairmail

After using K-9 Mail for years, it’s time to say byebye.
The new user interface doesn’t fit my needs, developer reacts with deleting posts when criticizing the GUI without informing directly the forum user, …

Bye-bye K-9 Mail, hello Fairmail


You can simply get back to normal k-9 version - 5.6

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Sure, but there will be the time with no security updates. So I’m changing now.

That"s true. Nice Ui or nice security :slight_smile:

FairEmail works better than K-9 5.6. it has the backend improvements if 5.8 while keeping a better UI.

How is fairemail’s battery usage comparing to “old” (good) K-9 v5.600 ?

If everyone is so obsessed with security updates why use an app that had no updates in over 2 years anyway? No issue using 5.6 with no updates but suddenly refuse to use 5.6 now 5.8 is out?

I never updated to 5.8 and still happily using 5.600 :slightly_smiling_face: