Bug with reading emails

Hello. I found such a problem. There are unread emails. It does not matter if I enter them or select one letter or several letters, then they are not marked as read the first time.
Version: 6.202
Android 11
Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro


Please check at
Settings / account / Reading Mail / Mark as read when opened.

Is this checked / enabled for you?

Yes, it is worth it, but the essence of the problem is not only in the opening, but also in the note about reading. They are marked as read, only from the second time, or even from the third.

I am not sure if I really understand your problem.

What is the difference between opening and reading?

You say that the mails will never be marked as read if you open it the first time, but only on second or third time?

I mean the following. We take an unread letter or go into it or select and click on the read button. Then it is first marked as read, but after half a minute, then it is shown again that it has not been read and so, from the second, third time.

Does this always happen or just while K-9 is currently doing work in the background (refreshing emails)?

the problem manifests itself constantly.

Mh, interesting. I’ve noticed the same but only after upgrading to version 6.301 :thinking:

The problem is no longer an isolated one and not only in the stable branch.

Not setting as read or setting as read without actually having read it?

installed version 6.301. The bug is showing up.

Messages never being marked as read until I close and reopen K9 and try again.

For me, it’s a little different, if you re-mark / log in, then the mark of non-reading is removed.

Reported here: Email not being marked as read · Issue #6245 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

I have enough to update and will be unread again.