Bring Back "Delete" Checkbox

Not crazy about new look as it takes more clicks to do the same things. The checkbox for the various mailbox views need to be brought back. I shouldn’t have to open every single email in order to delete it. Thank you.

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I found a long press on one email until it is selected then allows you to select multiple emails by clicking them.

Still looking for Clear Messages (danger!) function…

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If you long press an E-mail, the checkmark will appear, then more E-Mails can be checked by selecting them (no long press needed for multi select)

Can Clear Local messages in the Folder settings for each folder.

Thank you for the replies. The long press does work. But, again, this is an example of extra clicks/presses needed to do simple things.

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Only one folder at a time, not a feasible way to be doing it

You can also short-click the contact icon

I am not sure why updates to apps often throw out the useful time proven features. The ability to look at the inbox and check the box [] for emails that a user would like to move or delete is important and time saving.

I don’t think that many power users will have contact icon view activated…

K9 Mail is a great program.
Removing the delete checkbox is counter-intuitve and counter-productive, though.
Please don’t change any user interface without thinking about ergonomics and intuitive use.
There is too much fancyness in GUI designers.