Branding K9 for branding-conscious businesses

I am interested in deploying K9 in situations where the users are employees of a firm which has recently undergone a rebranding exercise, and now wishes to ensure that emails sent out, including from Android phones, have the correct style, email signature etc… as far as is possible on a mobile device. Am curious whether the XML settings import feature for setting up new accounts can include things like logo-bearing signatures, either by including those in the XML file, or by calling a server-hosted URL which deploys the content. We are looking at emClient for Mac and PC to fulfil the same function, and hoping K9 will be part of this cross-platform solution.

K-9 Mail only supports plain text signatures, no logos.

Understood. I guess that also rules out styling like bold/italics, and clickable links (eg to social media sites etc…) ?

URLs in the message text and the signature are automatically linkified. Text styling isn’t supported.