Bold, Italic, etc., when composing an email

How do I enable text formatting (bold, italic, etc.) when composing an email?

Thank you.

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Currently not possible

Thank you. If it’s not possible now, I do not expect it ever will be. K9 is not new.

I have tried Fairemail. Are any other Android email alternatives that folks here would recommend in 2024?

I guess I’ll be spending $30 on Aqua Mail just to get bold and italic.

If that’s all the formatting you need then there are some conventions for applying them in plain text email:

  • For italic insert a slash character (/) before and after the word or phrase e.g. ``/This is important/`
  • For bold Enclose the word or phrase in asterisks (*) to signify bolded type e.g. *This is important*

Some email clients (including Thunderbird) will recognise this and apply the formatting when displaying plain text emails.

Other commonly understood conventions are

  • For underlining use underscore characters (_) e.g. _underlined text_
  • For bullet points start the line with hyphen (-) or asterisk (*) followed by space
  • To indent bullet points, precede the hyphen or asterisk with two or four space characters

Nope. Couldn’t get Aqua Mail to send, outgoing server settings aren’t mentioned anywhere in the documentation, and tech support was antagonistic.

Staying with K9.

Do you know how one would donate money to K9 Mail’s developers?

Now that K-9 Mail is part of Thunderbird, they handle donations.


Donation made. Thanks.