Boîte de réception unifiée / Unified Inbox

Bonjour, détenant plusieurs adresses de messagerie, il est fort gênant que sur les écrans de smartphones en mode vertical que le mot “unifiéee” soit invisible dans le titre “Boîte de réception unifiée”.

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Translated version of your question:

Hello, holding several email addresses, it is very annoying that on smartphone screens in vertical mode that the word “unified” is invisible in the title “Unified Inbox”.

Which version of K9 are you using?
I tested it on latest Beta 6.309 and there for me it seems to work well. Maybe you could share a screenshot?

Edit: Also tested it with french language setting (text is longer as in english setting) - works for me.

Bonjour, le titre est beaucoup plus long en français, voir le screenshot.

Your font size looks different than mine. I also tried to change it for me from default to “larger” in Font Size / Folder List / Folder Name. Can you check this?
( For me none of the values showes different behavior - broken or not the correct setting for it?)

Which version of K9 do you use?

J’ai bien la dernière version de l’appli.
Effectivement, je constate qu’en modifiant les paramètres “taille d’affichage” et “taille de police” j’obtiens:
1- Boîte de réception unifiée
2- Boîte de réception un…
3- Boîte de réceptio…
4- Boîte de réce…

Please ask in english - translation tool is helping…

I have the latest version of the app. Indeed, I find that by changing the “display size” and “font size” settings I get:
1- Unified Inbox
2- …
3- …
4- …

So it seems to be a size issue you now have solved by setting good font size?

If that is the case please set the helping comment as “Solution”.

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