Block email from entire domain

Several sites say K-9 has same code as Thunderbird. With Thunderbird for PC, I can block all email from a specific domain; e.g. all email from .de. I can’t figure out how to block any email.

K-9 majorly does NOT share code with Thunderbird. It’s commonality in funding only.

If you need filter rules, you need to set them up on your server. Alternatively, you can use an MUA with filter functionality (such as FairEmail).

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  1. There is a YouTube video from people who claim to be developers for K-9 and Thunderbird for Android who clearly state that the source code for both are identical.
  2. Other forums I use attempt to help users accomplish their goals, not tell them that what they want is wrong. I started on Darpa email, probably before you were born. Pretty sure I know what I want.

They are discussing Thunderbird for Android, a future app, not desktop Thunderbird for Mac, Windows, Linux.

They are discussing about the source code between K-9 and this future Thunderbird for Android app and how that source code will be shared.

If you are that old, I am pretty sure it was still called ARPA. No defense, yet.