Error During setup

I am resetting my account on K9. It started giving me errors, so I deleted the account and trying to set it back up again.

I have the IMAP Server set to
Security is SSL/TLS
Port 993
Username is my full email address
I have triple checked my password, used on my computer and online

The error I get reads:
Setup could not finish
Username or password incorrect
(Command:sensitive; response: #2# [NO, [Authenticationfailed], Login Invalid Credentials])

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

According to the undated document at:

it looks like att changed to using OAuth. If your mail client doesn’t support oauth2, as is the case with K-9, you need to set up and use what they call a “secure mail key” in place of the password.

The links on the above document give the details on doing this.

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Thanks, I’ll check that out