Battery drain in background

Hello, I have been a long time user of the disroot email. As of recent(past 3 days), it seems this has been running in the background killing my battery like crazy. I haven’t changed anything in the settings, nor have I added any new emails. So I’m clueless as to why this is happening.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any way to stop this? Thanks


Disroot is your email provider?

What version of K9 are you using?
Did you get an update recently?
What device?
Did you try to restart your device?

Hello, disroot is the provider.


pixel 4a

i did a reboot the other day, it worked fine, then started draining again.

Probably you need to post a debug log here and hope that someone can see what is going wrong. Or create a ticket on github with all required information

Are you using POP3 or IMAP?
Could you please check on settings for Fetching Mail if you have enabled polling or push?

Using imap

Is there a reason why you have poll and push enabled at the same time? I know that you wrote that you did not change anything in the settings and suddenly it started to drain.
Maybe you could give it a try and use push only, and set poll frequency to never.

I assume you have looked at the app-level battery usage report on the device to confirm that it’s k-9 that is doing the drain, not something else. Also, do you have the battery usage for k-9 set to “optimized”?

Wouldn’t this lead potentially to situation that K9 no longer responds to push events? Normally I disable any kind of battery optimization on Apps I expect push notifications, e.g K9, Signal, etc

I wasn’t necessarily suggesting “optimized”, just asking - I think that that’s the default.

I think it depends on the device on how things are handled. I have both a tablet and phone set to “optimized”. The tablet doesn’t do “push” when the cover is closed. The phone, which is a secondary - not actively used - device, does “push” even when it is “asleep”.

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There is no “pull”, only push and poll. So I’m not sure which one you are telling me to use, and which one to turn off.

Thanks - I have corrected “pull” to “push”. See above

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I did what you said, messages come in just as fast. I’ll keep an eye on the battery drain as well.

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