Batch attach emails as attachments

Why oh why has K9 made it completely impossible to recover sent emails from an old pop3 account? You can’t export them, you can’t access them from the file system… the only way to do it is to individually forward each email as an attachment - prohibitively onerous when you have hundreds. WHY?? What possible benefit can the devs derive from not enabling users to do this?

Exporting messages or being able to move messages from one account to another is functionality we want to add eventually. It’s a question of prioritization, not bad intent.

As I understand it, there was this functionality and it’s since been removed. There are countless posts from people in my situation, wanting to recover their data.

K-9 Mail never had any of these features. And if you search the forum, you’ll find that we’ve repeatedly advised people not to use POP3 with K-9 Mail.