Automate the search for emails in the inbox and other folders

Hi K-9 Mail Community,

How can I get the K-9 Mail application to automatically search for emails and notify us with a small number, as is the case with Thunderbird, for example?

Because I have to do it manually by “dragging down” on the screen to update the emails that have arrived.

How can I automate this process?

Thank you & Happy new year 2024,

In the settings for each email account, under Fetching Mail, you can select the “Push Folders” option. Then your mail will get sent to K-9 as soon as it arrives.
Also - under Poll Folders you can set an intervall, like 15 minutes, and K-9 will check for new mail every x minutes.

Generally you probably want both settings enabled for “1st Class Folders” only, unless you have extra/special folders assigned with your provider.

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Thank you @ Nimueh for your help,
I was looking in “General Settings”.
Now it’s ok, I was able to find the “Settings” for each email address, which were not clearly visible.
Have a nice day,

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You’re welcome - and please mark my reply as solution if it sorted your issue :slightly_smiling_face: