Autoconfig url emailaddress not supported

Hi, My autoconfig setup works, but the endpoint K-9 seems to request when getting autoconfig is /mail/config-v1.1.xml and not /mail/config-v1.1.xml? The latter is used in the Thunderbird desktop client. Is there something wrong with my K-9 setup or does K-9 not support the mentioned url endpoint yet? If not supported, do you plan on supporting this url in the future and if so when? All the best.


This was done deliberately. We don’t want to send the email address to the autoconfig server without the user’s explicit consent.

Not sending the email address works most of the time because for many providers the config is just a static file. Having K-9 Mail not send the email address is a way for us to find out what providers currently depend on the email address being sent.

Are you running your own autoconfig server? If so, do you really need email address-specific settings?

Now I feel like Jim Carrey in the 1997 (oh, that’s old) movie “Liar, Liar”. I probably do not “re-he-he ally need” the email address, just that I went with the “preferred” Thundbird style and have made a couple of small scripts to support the endpoint. I have a small amount of system users who could be handled through a script, as the username is not the same as their email addresses. But I could prob set up aliases. Thanks for you answer. Also not sure if Apple Mail and advanced Outlook needs specific setup, but that for later. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

We want to change autoconfig to make it possible for a server to request the email address via a special response. That way clients can ask the user for explicit consent in the rare cases when an email address is necessary, but use the more privacy friendly default of not sending the email address.

However, this requires changes to both clients and servers. We’ve created a “mailing list” where we want to announce such changes in the future. As someone implementing autoconfig on the server-side, you probably want to regularly check or join the Autoconfig topicbox.