Authentication not working with Office 365 and multi-factor authentication


I-am an IT admin for office 365 and when i enabled MFA for the user he cannot recieve or sent emails an it gave that the password i
Or username is incorrect
Please advise ASAP

BEST regards

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Usually cases like this are covered by the documentation of large email providers.

And/Or have been solved by other users on the internet.

I did it at the begining and my accout worked until yesterday, yesterday it stopped. I dont know why? but it worked on the different app

The “Create an app password for Microsoft 365” link is broken. Is it at a new location?

For an account (which may or may not be the same thing in this context), once you log in, under your “account (click on your account “icon” in the upper right - that takes you to “”)/security/advanced security options” you should see an “app passwords” section. However, that only shows if you have 2fa enabled.

Cool. Ok then what is needed to be done on the K9 end? Like, do I need to sign in with a different password in a different location or something? (Totally noob here)

You have to use that new App Password for login with K9 - everything else should remain the same as far as I know.