Authentication Error

I set up the app on my new phone and it works but a few minutes after I use it, it posts an authentication error. I re-enter the server password, it syncs and I can use it but a few minutes latter I get the error again.

you’ll need to provide some details before anyone can help. try starting with the precise detail of the error message you are getting. a screen shot of it could be useful.

Couldn’t sign in
The password for is incorrect. Do you want to update them now?

Then I enter the same password as before, it logs in, syncs, works for a while and then gives me the same error.

it’s been doing this for months.

Hello, are you there?

Which email provider? Might be an issue of them.
Which concrete version of K9?
Maybe you could provide debug logs when the issue happens again?

It’s Exchange on a Microsoft owned server.
Version 4.9.5f
How do you get a log file?

Do you still have your old phone? And if so, does it have the same symptoms?

Without much to go on, this appears to be server side.

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft clobbered functionality of App Passwords. I couldn’t get my email with K-9 for about 5 days.

Don’t have the old phone. It was traded in as part of a service exchange for the new one but I never had the problem with the old one. I did need to have K9 reset my account to release the license so I could install on the new phone.
Why would it be on the server? It seems like the app just doesn’t save the password. I reenter the same password and it works again. I don’t need to do anything to the server at all.

K9 version is 4.9.5f? That would be rather old I guess - or do you mean something else?

Settings / General Settings / Debugging / Enable…
And later when error occured at same menu you can press 3dot menu / Export logs

If you think that K9 looses the PW setting you can check what is stored:
Settings / account / Fetching mail / Incoming server / Password. There click eye symbol, you will be asked to enter your phone’s PIN for safety and there you see the PW

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Settings / General doesn’t have a debugging selection

Looks like you are in the support forum of the wrong email app. The app in your screenshot is not K-9 mail.


I remember that in past we already had some issues of K9 mentioned in this forum when it turned out that it was some “forked” version still showing K9 user forum in app. Unfortunately I cannot find it …

I think they are using:

Nine - Email & Calendar

I didn’t install it to see if it’s a fork with some leftover K9 bits or simply a mis-directed search for a support forum.

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Quite possibly that Nine email app.

Looking at the recent reviews in the Google Play Store, plenty of people are having or were having issues syncing with Microsoft mail servers.