Authenticating Errors

I’m getting notified of authentication errors when there’s no authentication error. When I click it, I’m taken to a screen where I can change the info. When I click next it says something to the effect of “too many simultaneous connections”. How do I prevent this?

Your mail server limits the number of connections you can use simultaneously. If you exceed the limit, the app will get an error response when trying to authenticate. That’s why it looks like an authentication error.

The most likely cause of this error is having too many folders configured for Push. See

I’ll check on that and see what happens.

also, some providers evaluate the connection usage based on the user, rather than ipnumber. so if you have other active clients - e.g., desktop - active too they may be being counted against the provider’s allowed max.

I’ll keep that in mind because it’s still doing it. Switching polling completely off and switching pushing to “1st class only” didn’t help. I have a lot of folders, though.

What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd class folders?

Edit: Oh, I get it, you decide in “manage folders”.

I can’t seem to force it to happen.

I closed the browser I had open on my laptop with Gmail open and I haven’t seen the error in a while. Tentatively solved.