AT&T Yahoo password management changed

I use MailWasher on my desktop. Recently, Yahoo forced a password change (happens all the time anymore.) When I changed the password in MailWasher, it failed with an error messaage that didn’t make sense. I contacted MailWasher Support, and they explained the AT&T Yahoo password verification has been changed (to much-complicate it) I can no longer retrieve mail on K-9, and I believe it’s because of this problem.

Can you help?

It would help if you show the error message here so that someone could have a closer look at it.

Edit: ah, you mean that when you changed the password on your service’s website it failed with that error, and not in K9?

i believe that att/yahoo mail now supports Oauth2. i think that K9 can interact with their implementation. i assume you have fixed your yahoo access as you will have to be able to authenticate to verify your K9 Oauth2 setup,

yahoo did also support app passwords - don’t know if they still do. you may want to check if that option is still available.

i don’t think you can use your yahoo site login for 3rd party client (mail/calendar/…) access, so you probably need to pursue one of the two options above.