Application unusable as intolerable slowless

Application crashed with intolerable slowness making the application unusable.
When is an update coming that removes all the slowness problems?

6.400 was just released a week ago - and I haven’t had any slowness on previous versions either :woman_shrugging:

Welcome to the forum, @Ludovic_Richard_RUIZ :wave:

I’m sorry the app is slow for you. However, from your description it is very hard trying to guess what could be the cause of the behavior you’re seeing. Can you provide more details?

  1. Did the app actually crash or is it “only” slow? If it’s a crash, please see LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub
  2. What app version are you using? (Settings → About → Version)
  3. How many accounts do you have set up?
  4. How many messages do you keep synced per folder?
  5. What Android device are you using?
  6. When is the app slow exactly? (app startup, showing the message list, displaying a message, fetching messages, sending messages, …)

While it won’t allow us to fix any underlying issue, uninstalling, then reinstalling the app is often an effective way to return to a usable K-9 Mail installation.

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Hi cketty :slight_smile:
Thank you. (I’m french and I’m old, 46 years old, I will try to write in technic english).

K-9 mail is slow to start or restart :
20 seconds with airplane mode.
21 seconds with 4G/Wi-Fi mode.

  1. the version seems to be 6.400.

  2. I have only 6 accounts on smartphone, all IMAP accounts.

  3. the numbers of sync messages are 50+25+10+25+10+10 for all 6 accounts and note there is only 1 second with and without radio-datas (airplane mode).

  4. I’m using X96 Pro from DOOGEE with 8 cores and 4Gio RAM.
    More informations in attached files.

  5. The app slow whenever I’m back on K-9 mail (black screen).

Thank you for your questions : it’s more easier to answer.

Best regards.

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I’m guessing that the app is killed (maybe due to low memory or because it’s one of those Android versions that aggressively kills apps) while it is in the background and switching back to the app has to launch it again (at least that’s what the black screen suggests). It’s not clear to me why launching the app is slow on your device, though.

If you have “Show contact names” enabled, try to disable it and check if that makes a difference. You can find the setting under Settings → General settings → Display → Show contact names.

If that doesn’t help, I’d try to uninstall the app, then reinstall.