AppConfig for managed configurations

Is there any chance this feature might be easy to implement? Sounds like you just need to drop an XML file into the play store package?

How to develop an app using managed AppConfig settings and apply them in Knox Manage (

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What is the purpose of this? I know we could google it ourselves, but if you want a feature to be implemented you should give a few more reasons other than “it looks easy to do”

There are more important things to work on right now, so I believe that this will be on hold for a while. But still, be welcome to explain the usecase you have for this.

My apologies, I assumed the link in my post would explain what I was trying to accomplish. I’ll provide more context :

I’m looking to manage the deployment of K9 via Samsung Knox Manage (EMM). I am able to deploy the app and an exported config file that I can then re-import - so I have a workaround in place and this is not urgent.

I was hoping I could utilize AppConfig ( ) to push those settings out with Samsung Knox and save myself some time. AppConfig sounds like a growing standard (not limited to Knox) and there are a few other email apps in the Google Managed App store ( so I thought it might be mutually beneficial if it was an easy lift to implement on your end - as K9 could potentially get some more attention via the Managed App store if it was listed there. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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