App does not start in accounts view

hi all,
I am using 2 accounts and would like the app to start in the accounts view. Strangely when I first filled the accounts this was working (meaning the app was starting in a menu where I could select one of the account.)
Now the app starts directly in one of the folder (probably the last I looked up) The account switch can be performed selecting the upper left inbox folder but with several clicks.
Also in the message view there was initially a bottom toolbar that was quite cool (for instance to sync the folder).
So I wonder why the initial setup disappeared (I use the latest version and have not updated) and if it possible to restore it (I cant find how to in the settings)

Sounds like you have switched to the beta version. The beta no longer has a dedicated account switcher page, but is integrated with the drawer menu on the left.

good point, I am on 5.733 which seems to be beta (untill 5.8) probably recently updated on fdroid.
so I probably have to live with (I think it is a pity, since there are now several clicks to get to an account if it is not the default one). but it is still a great app!

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You can slide out the sidebar and directly click on the account icon on top. No need to expand the account list. So in the old version, you always had to do 1 click after starting the app. In the new version, you have to do 0 clicks for one account and 2 clicks for the other :slight_smile:

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New developers are totally missing the point. Older version was a lot better and handy. Pitiful.

I understand the rationale was for people who mainly use a single account, but indeed if you have 6 of them, it multiplies all by 2…What would be great is an option to possibly start in a account view.

So finally I went back to the 2 years old stable version (and will not update it). A pity improving aesthetic (it is indeed nicer) leads to ergonoy loss for a lot of users (multiple accounts is common, unles you are happy with gmail).

There are no new developers. Still the same main developer, doing more or less all the work himself, for the last 10+ years.

I’m pretty sure he will accept a code contribution that adds an option to open the navigation drawer in account mode on startup automatically. It just needs someone who implements the changes but so far, I have mostly seen people complaining instead of helping (or paying an independent developer to help).

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you are right, it is much easier to complain than do actual work :tired_face: But the initial thread was just to ask if it possible to display the account view, then if it was planned. I don’t have time nor technical skills to help on this, so just posted a GH issue (hoping you will consider it for the stable release). Thanks again for this great work.

It was already posted a few times on GitHub, see this closed issue: Account List Global View? · Issue #4405 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub.

The main developer does not plan to add it. I will probably not add it either. I think the main developer will not accept simply adding the screen back but I am pretty sure that he will accept a change that integrates well with the navigation drawer. It just needs someone who has the time or money to get it implemented :slight_smile:

I hope I don’t sound rude - it’s just that this question is asked a lot and I try to describe the situation as clearly as possible.

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A great new developer with a useless and flashy drawer.

BUT you could see which accounts had new email.
And it’s 2 clicks each for my 6 other accounts.
Also, you made the fonts smaller.