App crashing when opening any emails

when I open any email it says “k9 has stopped” or something similar to that. it doesnt matter if its a new email or something I was able to open a week ago. I am using the F-Droid version (?) which was updated a week ago, I am sure it worked before with this same version but now it doesn’t.

does k-9 use the webview renderer? I was messing around with that recently, could this have been the cause?

edit: it doesnt crash anywhere else- when opening the settings or when refreshing the inbox to check for new emails, it works fine.

K-9 Mail uses the system WebView to display the message body. Currently it is also used to display the changelog (Settings > About > Change Log). If trying to view the change log also leads to a crash it’s a pretty safe bet that something is wrong with the WebView installation on your device.

yep . it does indeed crash the app. where should I go from there? any tutorials you can recommend or reading material?

No idea. Presumably you’re using a custom ROM and a custom WebView implementation. The authors of those might have an idea on how to fix your installation.

thanks anyways.

I tried a few things, reinstalling Chrome and restarting worked. I had to choose it in the “choose webview implementation” setting over the builtin webview. this is a bit slow now but works. I could disable Chrome and it still works.

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