App crashes when opening an email - Redmi

Hi, recently the app crashes when opening any email. I saw the comments on Android WebView but on my device (Redmi 4x Android 7.1.2) Android WebView was originally disabled. I enabled it but no change.
I downloaded the latest version of k-9 (5.733) but the crash continues to happen for every email I try to open.

Well, some app is providing the implementation for the WebView component. This can be Android WebView, Chrome, or some vendor-specific app. Make sure it’s updated to a version that fixes the bug. If there are no updates in Google Play and/or your vendor’s app store I’d report this as a bug to my device vendor.

This error affects many users. One cannot open emails in the app without the app crashing. Is there already a solution available? I don’t want to replace the app because I am actually satisfied.

@simkus The crash is caused by a bug in the app “Android System WebView”, it is not a bug in K-9. The bug makes several different apps crash, one of them being K-9. Google has already released a bug fix update. Have a look at the Play Store to see if you are running the latest version of “Android System WebView”. If you don’t see the update yet, you can also try uninstalling the updates of that system app. In the long run, you want to use an up-to-date version of that app, though.

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Uninstalling all updates for “chrome” solved the issue. Thanks.