APOP authentication not supported

Following a recent catastrophic failure of the plusnet email system I am unable to download emails sent to my waitrose.com email address (which uses the plusnet platform) to K-9.

When I set up the incoming server in K-9 settings and click on NEXT the notification immediately comes up

Setup could not finish
Cannot connect to server
(APOP authentication is not supported)

The settings for this account are identical to those set up in MS Outlook on my PC, and that is able to download emails.

Is this authentication problem at the server end (mail.waitrose.com) or is it something coming from K-9 security?

Is there a workaround?

Grateful for assistance.

K-9 Mail will use APOP for authentication if you select “Encrypted password” for authentication and the server doesn’t support CRAM_MD5. However, mail.waitrose.com doesn’t seem to support APOP, either.

Select “Normal password” under “Authentication”.

Side note: The server doesn’t seem to support transport encryption at all. So the password and all mail contents will be transferred in plain text (without encryption) over the internet when you download messages. I recommend switching to a different email provider.

Many thanks for the explanation. I will look at changing email providers.