AOL mail not working on K9 as of 3/17/21

Hi folks. Using K9 Mail since 2013 and really like it. AOL stopped working mid-day 3/17/21 and it’s the Authentication failure even though I tried several x, and reinstalled cleanly. 993 and 465, other settings also default as installed.

IS THIS the new password for App thing that AOL has put in (apparently? I never knew).

As far as I understood the classical AOL passwords no longer work for IMAP and pop3. AOL allows you to generate app-specific passwords instead, somehow, that allow k9 to identify itself as the E-Mail app witj access rights to your mail.

Yes and it works very well. I am on aol and yahoo. This is also the same principle. Créer et gérer des mots de passe d’application tierce - AOL Assistance